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Regular yearly eye exams are important for everyone, but they are even more important when entering the next year of school. Whether you have a child entering grade school or you are preparing your teen for university, if they can’t see the board clearly or focus properly on the homework in front of them, it can be detrimental to their learning. Set them up for success this year by having their yearly eye exam done before their first day of school. This can ensure that they have the correct prescription lenses before they start their first day of school. With hundreds of affordable frames to choose from you can also ensure that they have the new styles they need to look and feel their best and achieve their best in the classroom and outside it.

5 Tips for buying back to school eyewear

Whether you’re a parent searching for your child’s first pair of eyeglasses, or a student entering their first year of university, you probably know that walking into an optical store and choosing the right eyeglasses can be pretty challenging. There is no shortage in the number of frames and lenses that you can chose from, and here are some shopping tips to get you started.

1. How thick will the lenses be

Consult with your optometrist about your prescription, as they can help you chose the right frames for your lenses. If your prescription calls for thick lenses, then avoid choosing large frames, or it will make your glasses feel and look even thicker and bulkier.

2. Choose the right style

Some kids will feel self-conscious about wearing eyeglasses to school. By choosing modern and attractive frames and bifocal lenses without the line, you can ensure they will have a style that will be in for years to come. Also, ask about different types of lenses. If your child plays sports, transition lenses may be a good idea. However, if they spend a lot of time on the computer, ask about blue light lenses. Trends don’t always have to be about looks, they can be about functionality too.

3. Metal or plastic

Typically, plastic frames have shown more durability as they are less likely to get bent or broken, especially when being jammed in the backpack. They are also more lightweight and comfortable, and don’t contain potential allergens, such as nickel sometimes found in metal frames.

4. Spring hinges

Spring hinges allow the temples to flex outward without causing damage. This can help prevent damage, frequent adjustments, and costly repairs to eyewear, especially during one of the busiest times in a student’s life.

5. Purchase a backup pair

Because students can be tough on their eyewear, it is a good idea to purchase a second pair of backup glasses in case the first pair gets lost, broken, or badly scratched, especially if the student in your home has a strong prescription and cannot function without their eyeglasses. Ask your optometrist about any special promotions they have for back to school that can help save you money on your eyewear.