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Blue Light Exposure Eyeglasses in Buffalo Grove, IL

Reducing Your Exposure to Blue Light Can Have Many Health Benefits and Improve the Quality of Your Eyesight. Call (847) 495-8969 to Find Out More About Our Blue Light Exposure Eyeglasses in Buffalo Grove, IL

In the digital age, it has become commonplace for adults and children alike to be more consistently exposed to a large amount of potentially damaging blue light. While smartphones, tables, and laptops are often an essential part of our work and our education experience, they can have far-reaching and negative effects on our health if we rely on them too heavily without taking steps to protect ourselves. If you have suffered from dry eyes or digital eye strain, eyewear designed to block harmful blue light rays may be able to help address these issues while also preventing future macular degeneration. Excel Eyecare is proud to offer blue light exposure eyeglasses in Buffalo Grove, IL to protect your eyes.

What is blue light?

Light exists on a spectrum. Depending on the wavelength of the light being emitted, it can be perceived as different colors by the human eye. Sunlight, for example, includes light rays with a wide variety of wavelengths. When these visible light rays combine together, it creates what is known as “white light.” Blue light rays have the most energy and shortest wavelengths of visible light. This energy allows them to penetrate deep into the eye, past the cornea and lens into the retina at the back of your eyeball. The retina is a sensitive part of the eye and it is essential to protect it not only from UV light, but other types in order to maintain your ocular health.

Is blue light bad for my eyes?

Blue light is everywhere and when taken in in small enough doses, is likely not a cause for concern. However, because many of our devices are designed to emit blue light, we are constantly being exposed to far more blue light than in previous generations. Too much exposure to blue light can damage light-sensitive cells found in the retina, which can increase your chances of developing macular degeneration, a chronic condition that if left unaddressed can eventually lead to permanent vision loss. While some blue light exposure is necessary for good overall health, blue light can also be more difficult for your eyes to focus on than other wavelengths of visible light, which is a primary cause of digital eye strain for people who spend a significant amount of time on smartphones or computers as part of their daily life or work.

How can blue light eyeglasses help?

Eyeglasses designed to block not only UV rays, but also scattered blue light, can be an effective safety measure for men and women who spend a lot of time on their devices. These glasses are designed to block the most harmful types of blue light from penetrating the outer parts of the eyeball, so your retina can remain undamaged. These eyeglasses can often be created in a number of different styles, allowing patients to choose frames that they will enjoy wearing, so they can ensure they enjoy the greatest potential benefit from their blue light blocking eyeglasses.

Are there other steps I can take to protect my eyes from blue light?

Many devices have settings that can manually adjust the light settings and reduce the amount of blue light you are exposed to. Using a night mode feature on your computer or smartphone can also help. Because blue light can also interrupt your natural circadian rhythm, many people find it useful to avoid their devices for at least 1 hour prior to going to bed, which allows for a more natural and beneficial sleep rhythm not interrupted by exposure to blue light rays.

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