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BluTech Lenses

Excel Eyecare Professionals is excited to offer BluTech Lenses to our patients. BluTech Lenses are designed to provide increased clarity and comfort for those who spend extended periods of time looking at digital screens. If you find yourself feeling eye fatigue or experiencing headaches after a long day of work, then BluTech Lenses may be right for you. Schedule an appointment with Excel Eyecare Professionals today and see the world more clearly with BluTech Lenses.

Benefits of BluTech Lenses

They are designed to enhance your comfort, vision, and eye safety during work and play.  High Energy Visible (HEV) Blue light exists outside from natural sunlight as well as indoors - emitted from digital devices and compact fluorescent lights.

BluTech Lenses Are Perfect For:

  • People who spend over 3 hours a day staring at a computer or digital device
  • Driving during the day or at night
  • Golfing, fishing, baseball, and outdoor sports enthusiasts
  • Online gaming enthusiasts
  • Children involved in sports or computers
  • Anyone who wants to protect their eyes and vision from the harmful effects of blue light.

Studies show that blue light can impair our vision and our overall health, linking it to digital eye strain, retina damage, worsening symptoms of eye conditions such as diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration, and disruption in sleep patterns. Avoiding HEV exposure is easy with BluTech. BluTech lenses provide maximum protection and enhanced performance for indoor and outdoor settings, by naturally filtering the high energy wavelengths that are the most damaging to your eyes and your health.

The Benefits of BluTech lenses include:

  • Reduced Glare
  • Crisper Acuity
  • Improved Contrast
  • High Impact Lens Material
  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Enhanced Performance

With the rise of electronic devices, your eyes are now exposed to increasing levels of harmful light spectrums. BluTech Lenses protect your eyes from the dangers of ofUV rays and harmful, high-energy blue light for a lifetime of vision preservation and performance. Everyone interested in benefiting from lifelong healthy vision, especially those at high-risk of macular degeneration, should wear BluTech Lenses. Learn more about the Management of Ocular Diseases.

BluTech uses a proprietary formulation offering more complete near-clear blue light protection

Whether it’s a phone, IPad, laptop, ATM or gas pump... they all go dark when viewed with ordinary polarized sunglasses. Not anymore. BluTech combines a polarizer with natural pigments and dyes to ensure that whatever device your are viewing outside is, well... readable.Get Glare Protection AND Readability OutdoorsPolarized sunglasses aren’t much help when reading a digital device outdoors. In fact, they make things worse. UNTIL NOW. BluTech Polarized solves the readability challenge. It combines a polarizing film to protect you from glare with natural pigmentsand dyes to make any device readable outdoors. SMART


BluTech, the gold standard for blue light protection, introduces BluTech ULTRA. It features blue Light Plus™ — a proprietary formulation offering more complete near-clear blue light protection.

BluTech Ultra At-A-Glance

  • Lighter, constant density color, regardless of prescription
  • Protection encapsulated in the lens, won’t scratch or wear off
  • Polycarbonate – lightweight, impact-resistant, and 100% UV protection
  • Plano, single vision, and progressive

BluTech MAX At-A-Glance

BluTech MAX offers the highest level of blue light filtration of any lens in our collection. It features Blue Light Plus™ — a proprietary formulation offering a more complete near-clear blue light protection.

Ideal Candidates for Bluetech Max

  • Emmetropic children and adult contact lens wearers
  • Adults at risk for macular-related issues
  • Post-cataract and Lasik patients