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Looking for an Experienced Eye Doctor in Buffalo Groves, IL? Look No Further Than Dr. Kubicki at Excel Eye Care Professionals. Dr. Kubicki & His Team of Optometry Professionals Offer a Wide Variety of Eye Care Services, Including Eye Exams, Contact Lenses & Glasses, Laser Vision Correction, Glaucoma Evaluation, and Dry Eye Management. Please Call Us Today at (847) 495-8969 to Schedule an Appointment.

The health of your eyes is an essential part of your total-body well-being and is also important because they are the lenses through which you see the world. Our eye doctor at Excel Eyecare Professionals in Buffalo Grove, IL is proud to serve patients by offering comprehensive eye testing and eye care that ensures you and your family see clearly for as long as possible. If you are seeking eye care that can truly support your overall health, our eye care specialists can provide you with the knowledge and experience you need to enhance your vision and maintain your optical health.

How often should I schedule a vision exam?

There are many different factors to consider when decided whether it is time to schedule your next eye exam. Children’s eyes should be checked beginning as early as possible, so any issues can be caught early and addressed as soon as possible. School age children should receive a comprehensive vision exam before they enter the first grade, and then again, every year or 2 following. For healthy adults without any symptoms of eye problems, an annual eye exam is usually not necessary. Healthy patients in their 20s and 30s should schedule a vision exam every 5-10 years, those between age 40-54 should see an eye doctor after 2-4 years, and patients aged 55-64 will need an exam every 1-3 years. Patients who are age 65 or older should schedule a vision test at least biannually. Patients who have a family history of eye disease, who have another illness or take medications that may negatively impact eye health, and those who already wear corrective lenses, vision exams should be scheduled more frequently.

If I need corrective lenses, should I choose contact lenses or glasses?

There are many factors to take into account when deciding between glasses and contact lenses. Your eye doctor can help you by providing information regarding the use of each. Some considerations may include your lifestyle, the eye problems you suffer from, as well as personal esthetic and comfort. Glasses can provide excellent vision correction without the need for touching your eyes daily, reducing your chances of infection. Glasses also require very little maintenance, typically costing less than contact lenses in the long-term. Glasses can also enhance your sense of personal style. Contact lenses can offer unobstructed correction of peripheral vision and can be useful for many activities where glasses may be considered a hindrance. For people who do not like the way they look with glasses, contact lenses can provide exceptional vision correction without changing your appearance.

What other services do you offer at Excel Eye Care Professionals?

At our practice, we offer comprehensive eye care. In addition to vision screenings and laser corrective surgery, we also offer education that can ensure you understand how to properly care for your eyes and corrective lenses at home. For patients looking to use sclera contact lenses, we can provide proper measurements as well as insertion and removal information that can ensure your safety when using them. Our skilled doctors can also provide eyeglasses adjustment and routine repair. We are proud to offer our patients the best care available in the Buffalo Grove area. No matter what your concerns or needs are, we can help you achieve your best vision and maintain healthy eyesight.

If you are looking for an experienced eye doctor in Buffalo Grove, IL, contact Excel Eyecare Professionals to schedule an appointment today.