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Eye Exam in Buffalo Grove, IL

At Excel Eyecare Professionals, Dr. Leon Kubicki & His Experienced Staff Provide Comprehensive Eye Exams for Children, Adults, & Senior Citizens. Please Call Our Office at (847) 495-8969 to Book an Appointment. Our Optometry Office Is Located at 1133 McHenry Rd Suite 108 Buffalo Grove, IL 60089.

What is an eye exam?

When you go into your eye doctor and they tell you that you need an eye exam, they are usually just saying that they need to examine how your eyes are functioning. An eye exam typically involves a series of eye tests that will evaluate the patient’s vision and also check for any eye diseases. The eye doctor may use a variety of different instruments that will typically shine bright lights directly into the patient’s eye(s). The eye doctor will then request that the patient looks through a wide array of different lenses. Each lens that the patient looks through is a different test, and during an eye exam the eye doctor will evaluate different aspects of their vision or eye health.

Why is it important to have an eye exam?

Having an eye exam will typically help detect any eye problems at their earliest stage, and this happens to be when they are the most treatable. Conducting regular routine eye exams will give your eye doctor the chance to help you correct or adapt to any vision changes and also be able to provide you with tips on how to properly care for your eyes.

Who should have an eye exam?

There are many different factors that may determine how frequently a patient needs to have an eye exam, including their age, overall health, and their risk of developing any eye problems. At Excel Eye Care we treat patients of all ages. Every eye doctor will generally follow guidelines to help determine how often an eye exam is needed. Some factors that they will take into consideration are:

For children 3 years and younger: A primary doctor or pediatrician will more than likely look for symptoms of the most common eye problems in young children. These eye problems commonly include lazy eye(s), cross eyed or misaligned eyes. If the doctor recognizes any eye concerns or symptoms, an examination will likely be recommended at that time regardless of the child’s age. These examinations should always be done by an optometrist and getting a second opinion by an optometrist can ensure that nothing is missed and that your child receives the best eye care.

School-age children and adolescents: It is really important for parents to have their child’s vision checked and screened before the child enters the first grade. If the child happens to have no symptoms of having vision problems and there is no family history of vision problems, then it is important to have his or her vision rechecked every one to two years by an optometrist. Otherwise, if there is another schedule that is recommended by the doctor – than eye exams based on the advice of your eye doctor will take priority.

Adults: Typically, if you are overall very healthy and are not currently experiencing any symptoms of vision problems – then you should generally have your eyes checked once a year, unless otherwise instructed by your eye doctor. 

There are certain circumstances that will require a person to have their eyes checked and screened more often. Some of these circumstances include:

  • If the patient currently wears glasses or contact lenses
  • Family history of eye problems/diseases or loss of vision
  • Chronic diseases that puts the patient at greater risk of eye diseases (most common disease is diabetes)
  • Patient is currently taking medications that have side effects that will affect the eyes

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