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Lasik Eye Surgery in Buffalo Grove, IL

Lasik Eye Surgery in Buffalo Grove, IL

At Excel Eye Care Professionals We Offer High Quality Lasik Eye Surgery Pre Operative Consultations in Buffalo Grove, IL for Customers Who Want to Escape Their Daily Use of Contacts and Eyeglasses. Call (847) 495-8969 Today for More Information or to Book an Appointment.

For patients with some of the most commonly diagnosed vision problems, Lasik corrective eye surgery can provide them with clear vision without relying on glasses or contact lenses. At Excel Eye Care Professionals in Buffalo Grove, IL, we provide exceptional pre operative and post operative Lasik support and care that extends far beyond your surgery appointment. We believe in attending to our patients’ needs by providing personalized care that can help them decide on a Lasik treatment plan that is truly tailored to their unique needs.

What vision problems can Lasik surgery address?

Lasik vision surgery can be highly customized to address a wide range of common vision conditions. For patients with myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia, Lasik procedures can improve their vision by correcting the shape and size of the cornea. Using advanced laser technology, your doctor will precisely target the parts of your eye that cause your nearsightedness, farsightedness, or other issues. Lasik surgery is a generally quick and effective procedure, with the majority of patients enjoying better eyesight and few side effects. Some of the most common issues faced by patients who have undergone Lasik surgery include dry eye that lasts for a few days or weeks and halos or double vision that typically dissipates within a few weeks. If you have questions about your vision following your procedure, our compassionate eye doctors are always available to provide the answers you need.

What happens during a Lasik procedure?

After your pre-surgical evaluation and consultation, your doctor will schedule your Lasik surgery with you. You will be required to cease the use of contact lenses and eye makeup for at least 1 week prior to your appointment, and you will need to arrange for transportation by another party after your surgery is completed. During your appointment, your doctor will administer eye drops to numb the treatment area and will use a special tool to help you keep your eyes open. Once your preparation is complete, your eye surgeon will carefully and precisely cut into the front of your eye in order to create a small hinged flap. By pulling back this flap, your surgeon will be able to access the underlying tissue of the cornea, which is the part of the eye responsible for your vision problems. The specialized Lasik laser will then be used to reshape the cornea in order to normalize its shape and size, helping you to see better. Once the flap is repositioned following corneal correction, it will heal on its own. No stitches or suturing is required.

Will my eyes hurt during or after my Lasik procedure?

Most patients will not experience pain during their surgery, though many do feel a sense of pressure in the eye as it is being worked on. Many doctors will also provide you with medication to help you relax. In conjunction with numbing eye drops, this helps to make your procedure as comfortable as possible. It is possible that you will notice some itching or discomfort following your Lasik appointment. You may be prescribed special eye drops to help soothe any discomfort you might experience. If you experience pain in your eyes after your procedure, you should contact your eye doctor and schedule a follow-up as quickly as possible.

For many people, Lasik vision correction offers an effective, minimally invasive method of vision correction that provides long-term relief from frustrating eye issues. If you are considering Lasik eye surgery in Buffalo Grove, IL, contact the experienced optometrists at Excel Eye Care Professionals today to schedule a pre operative consultation to discuss your treatment options.