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If You Are Looking for An Expert Optometrist in the Buffalo Grove, IL Area Call (847) 495-8969 to Book an Appointment. We Are Conveniently Located at 1133 McHenry Rd Suite 108 Buffalo Grove, IL 60089.

At Excel Eyecare Professionals, we want our patients to enjoy healthy eyesight throughout their lives. We believe it is important for patients of all ages to undergo regular eye exams to ensure their continued optic health in the long-term. Even if you have never worn corrective lenses before and have not yet noticed changes in your eyesight, an experienced optometrist can help you ensure your eyes are healthy by providing important vision tests and related services in the Buffalo Grove area.

Do I need an optometrist or an ophthalmologist?

The primary difference between an optometrist and an ophthalmologist is that the latter is able to perform eye surgery. An optometrist is a Doctor of Optometry (OD) and can perform comprehensive eye exams, care for patients with low vision, and vision therapy. They can prescribe medications and corrective lenses. An ophthalmologist is a Medical Doctor (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO). They can perform the same functions as an optometrist but can also provide surgical eye care for patients with serious eye conditions. For most people, an optometrist can provide sufficient care to help them protect and maintain their eyesight. Often, patients may be referred to an ophthalmologist if their optometrist notices potential issues during a routine exam.

What is a vision exam?

A comprehensive vision exam will provide your doctor with a baseline of your overall eye health. A vision exam, in addition to detecting any eye issues, can also provide your doctor with insight into the health of your veins and arteries, which can offer signs of serious diseases including diabetes, stroke, brain tumors, heart disease, and even multiple sclerosis. Your vision exam will begin with a discussion between you and your optometrist about your medical history and whether you have noticed any changes in your vision. Your optometrist will measure your visual acuity, measure eye pressure, and visually inspect the parts of your eyes to ensure they appear and function normally. An eye muscle test will evaluate how well your muscles control eye movement, while your acuity test measures how clearly you see using a chart of letters and numbers. A refraction assessment uses light waves to determine which prescription lens may be able to improve your vision.

If my optometrist prescribes corrective lenses, where can I get them?

At Excel Eyecare Professionals, we strive to make vision health a priority for our patients by making their experience as seamless and simple as possible. In addition to providing optometry services, we offer convenient access to high-quality and good-looking frames and comfortable contact lenses right onsite. This means you spend less time traveling between locations and more time enjoying the benefits of corrective lenses made just for you. We can also offer counseling for patients who are interested in LASIK vision correction surgery as a potential option. At Excel Eyecare, we want to help you enjoy your best eyesight ever, so you can experience the full beauty of the world around you every day.

You deserve to be able to see clearly and enjoy your life without worrying about your vision. At Excel Eyecare Professionals in Buffalo Grove, IL, our experienced and compassionate optometrists can provide important vision testing services and the information you need when making decisions regarding your eye health if any medical issues are present. Call us today to schedule your vision exam.