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At Excel Eyecare We Offer Stylish and Affordable Sunglasses in Buffalo Grove, IL. We Offer Both Prescription and Non Prescription Sunglasses With 100% UVB Protection. Call Our Clinic at (847) 495-8969 for more information

Keep an Eye on UV Light Exposure

Research has shown that the effects of UV radiation on your eyes can have serious implications leading to medical complications such as growths on the eye, cataracts even cancer. Patients who work outdoors such as construction workers, farmers, maintenance workers and seasoned athletes should take extra precautions and wear proper sunglasses with 100% UVB protection. It is also important to wear proper sunglasses for protection when you are in a UV intense environment such as in the mountains or near lakes, rivers or oceans, as the reflected light can further damage your eyes. Although some diseases of the eye can take many years to develop it is important to schedule your yearly eye exam with a registered eye doctor to check for these things as ultimately early detection and proper sunder are the best preventative measures to maintain healthy eyesight.

Tips to protect your eyes from harmful UV damage

  • Make sure to wear eyeglasses with 100% UVB Protection to prevent damaging UV Light to enter your eyes in sunny conditions. This should be done year round as the reflection of light off of the snow in winter can also have a damaging effect.
  • Even in cloudy weather the sun can still prove harmful and it is best to wear the appropriate sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful exposure.
  • Avoid looking directly at the sun. Looking directly into the sun can cause a condition called solar retinopathy which is radiation damage caused by the suns rays and damages the retina of the eye.
  • For additional protection wear a hat to help block out the extra sunlight from your eyes.
  • Sunglasses are important for people of all ages as anyone can be at risk for solar damage to their eyes. Schedule your regular yearly exam with a licensed Eyecare professional to maintain proper eye health.